6: Setup & First Steps

The following three steps will walk you through the absolute basics of configuring a fresh copy of NOUVEAU. Once you get down these basics, you’ll be nearly ready to start customizing NOUVEAU on your own.

1. Setup Language Scope

All the output strings in NOUVEAU are internationalization-ready (i18n) and appropriately scoped.

To set your own language scope, you should use your IDE or editor of choice to perform a theme-wide find-and-replace on the NOUVEAU scope string: nvLangScope

2. Setup Theme Support

One of the first things most developers need to do in any theme is set up an after_setup_theme hook to configure theme settings. In NOUVEAU, that hook (and most settings) is already configured for you.

To customize the hook and theme options, edit nv/hooks/Theme.php and locate the after_setup_theme() method. From there, you can quickly and easily tweak things to your needs.

3. Configure Styles & Scripts

The \NV\Hooks\Config::enqueue_assets() method is used to enqueue all of NOUVEAU‘s styles and scripts.

Although NOUVEAU includes all of Foundation’s styles and scripts, only the most basic styles and scripts are loaded by default to help prevent script bloat. All the extras are simply commented out within \NV\Hooks\Config::enqueue_assets(), so you can re-enable any Foundation features you need just by uncommenting lines.

This page was last updated on Jun. 8, 2015 – it is currently considered COMPLETE.