10. New Project Checklist

Now that you are familiar with the structure and functionality of the framework, let’s quickly run down a general checklist for new projects. When creating a new theme based on NOUVEAU, there are a few basic actions you’ll need to take to keep things tidy…

1. Rename your theme folder

You don’t want to leave your theme folder named nouveau. Change the folder name and make it your own.

2. Set your theme name

Once the folder name is updated, you will need to rename your theme within styles.css and functions.php.

3. Update language scope

NOUVEAUs language scope string is nvLangScope – this string is kept unique within NOUVEAU to make global find–replace operations as quick and easy as possible.

4. Set your theme support options

Edit the function \NV\Hooks\Config::after_setup_theme() and ensure the theme options are set up to your liking. You can also edit \NV\Hooks\Config::enqueue_assets() if you want to enable more than just the most basic Foundation javascript.

5. Activate your theme

Since you just renamed everything, you will probably have to activate the theme in your WordPress admin, even if it you had activated it previously.

6. OPTIONAL: Add theme folder to your SASS compiler

If you are using SASS/SCSS, you should set your watcher/compiler to start watching your theme folder now. Configuration files (pre-configured) are included for both CodeKit and Gulp, but you can use whatever you like.

7. Start building!

Now you can start building your theme templates, with all the benefits of Zurb Foundation and NOUVEAU.

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This page was last updated on September 15, 2016 – it is currently considered COMPLETE.