Huge Framework Update!

The best rapid-development WordPress Theme Framework just got a massive update… this is a HUGE release that brings the NOUVEAU Starter Theme Framework very close to 1.0.

In addition to sporting the brand-spanking-new Foundation for Sites 6.2, the NOUVEAU Starter Theme has received a substantial overhaul that will dramatically speed up your workflow…

  1. Foundation for Sites has been updated to the just-released version 6.2!
  2. NOUVEAU now supports PSR-4 compliant class autoloading! You’ll never have to manually include a class file again… unless you want to, for some reason.
  3. Global constants are gone. Now, all your themes paths and urls are stored as properties of the main NV class!
  4. The main NV class is now accessed via a singleton function to strictly limit the number of instances to exactly one: NV::i()
  5. PhpDocumentor docs are now included by default in a _docs folder.
  6. Although the tests folder is little more than a placeholder for now, the NOUVEAU Starter Theme Framework is getting WordPress unit tests!
  7. The entire library has gotten a thorough refactoring to standardize on a common sense WordPress coding style that still adheres to PSR-4: CamelCase classes and underscored, lower-case methods.

Of course this means the getting started guide is a bit out of date, but those changes will come shortly.

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