Theme Framework Updated

The NOUVEAU Theme Framework has been updated to 0.9.10

This update includes the following goodies…

  • Zurb Foundation updated to 5.2.3
  • Foundation & vendor JavaScripts are now loaded from /_foundation/bower_components/foundation/js/, wherever appropriate.
  • New constants added ( NV_BOWER & NV_ZF_JS ) to support the above.

You can download the latest WordPress theme framework right here…


Matt Jeff

Frameworks like foundation utilize many different browser quirks and features to ensure consistent behavior across browser rendering engines – and Foundation focuses very specifically on a mobile-first workflow for current-generation browsers. Put another way: If it validates, some of your visitors are going to get a broken experience. It’s sad, it’s unfortunate… but that’s just a reality of working on the web.

My advice is: don’t bother validating, it’s an absolutely useless metric. Instead, you should be continuously testing with a tool like BrowserStack. BrowserStack, and tools like it, are indispensably useful for testing your sites on the widest possible variety of devices, browsers, and rendering engines. At the end of the day, that’s all that matters.

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