Foundation 5.4.5 Update

The NOUVEAU WordPress Theme Framework has been updated to 0.9.16

This update includes the latest Zurb Foundation release (5.4.5) in the Theme Framework, and also drops support for Compass from NOUVEAU core.

Important Notice!

This update includes substantial changes to Foundation, as NOUVEAU has switched to the Compass-free branch of Zurb Foundation. This change comes as a result of some serious Foundation-breaking changes in the official Ruby Sass compiler (which Compass relies on).

If you are using the official Ruby Sass compiler, please ensure you are using gem 3.3 or earlier. The latest 3.4+ version can result in broken stylesheets! Since Compass has been removed, you can now safely use libsass to compile your NOUVEAU Theme Framework projects.

Updating NOUVEAU Projects

Since NOUVEAU has switched to a different branch of Zurb Framework, the update process is a little more involved this time around. Here is how to manually update your existing NOUVEAU projects to the latest version…

  1. Download the latest version of the NOUVEAU Starter Theme. You will need to copy files from here into your existing project.
  2. In your old project, delete config.rb from your theme folder
  3. In your old project, delete the /_foundation/bower_components/ folder.
  4. Copy /_foundation/bower_components/ from your fresh NOUVEAU download into your existing project’s /_foundation/ folder.
  5. The structure of /_foundation/scss/app.scss has changed. Update your existing code with the copy from your fresh download. In particular…
    • Foundation import paths must be fully qualified as Foundation sits in a subdirectory of the theme project.
    • For instance, @import "foundation"; must now become @import "../bower_components/foundation/scss/foundation"; – see the new app.scss file for reference.
  6. Update your existing /_foundation/scss/_settings.scss with the copy from your fresh download.
    • The _settings.scss file has changed from Foundation 5.4.x → 5.4.5. If you have customized your previous settings.scss file, you may need to merge those changes into the new version.
    • As with app.scss Foundation import paths in the settings file must be fully qualified. Be sure to update @import "foundation/functions"; so that it reads @import "../bower_components/foundation/scss/foundation/functions"; or you will be unable to compile.

You should also be sure to re-run your compiler on app.scss once these changes are complete.

Additional Notes

Since Compass has been removed from NOUVEAU, the indispensable image_url() function has been replaced with a custom mixin. This is already enabled through an include in app.scss and you don’t need to do anything special to prevent your image-url() calls from breaking.

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