Foundation 5.4.7 Update

The NOUVEAU WordPress Theme Framework has been updated to 0.9.18

This update includes the latest Zurb Foundation release (5.4.7) in the Theme Framework, which now includes full libsass 3.0 support!.

Updating NOUVEAU Projects

If you want to update your existing NOUVEAU WordPress project from 0.9.17 → 0.9.18, there is only one easy step:

  1. Update /_foundation/bower_components/ to the newest version.
    • You can update automatically with a Bower update OR…
    • You can manually download the latest SASS version of Foundation and replace the contents of the bower_components folder.
  2. Optional: Update /_foundation/scss/_settings.scss.
    • The _settings.scss file has not materially changed between Foundation 5.4.6 → 5.4.7, so updating is optional this time. If you are updating from an earlier version of NOUVEAU or Foundation and have customized your previous settings file, you may need to merge your changes into the new _settings.scss version.

You should also be sure to re-run your compiler on app.scss once these changes are complete.

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