Foundation & Sass Compatibility Alert

The official Sass compiler has recently received an huge update that introduces some serious compatibility issues for developers relying on Compass builds of Zurb Foundation. This has implications for developers using NOUVEAU.

The short story is that a recent update in the official Ruby-based Sass compiler (v3.4+) has introduced changes that are NOT backwards-compatible with earlier versions of Sass – therefore Foundation – therefore NOUVEAU.

Updating Foundation in an Existing NOUVEAU Project

Since NOUVEAU is a starter theme, not a parent theme, there’s no automatic WordPress admin update when a new version comes out. So what do you do if you are working on a NOUVEAU project and you want to update to the latest, greatest version of Foundation?

I have good news: updating Zurb Foundation 5 in your NOUVEAU project a very simple process, since everything is kept separate, tidy, and modular. Here’s how you do it… (more…)

Simplifying the Loop

NOUVEAU is all about cleanliness and efficiency. To help keep your themes clean, I’ve included two handy functions in the theme framework that can substantially improve your theme development workflow.

In this article, I will show you how to leverage NOUVEAU‘s NV\Theme::loop() and NV\Theme::custom_loop() functions to work faster and clean up your own code. I’ll also discuss a slightly controversial third method that results in dramatically cleaner templates in certain circumstances. (more…)